Karin Montali


How I came to practise yoga

I studied yoga for the first time in Germany in 1994. I started my teacher training with the Light on Yoga Association when I moved to London, obtaining the Iyengar yoga teaching diploma in 2001 just before moving to Italy.


I continued to further my spiritual and professional training with various Italian and foreign teachers and continually deepened my own personal yoga abilities. Every two or three years I am looking to study directly with the Iyengar family in Puna, India


My Iyengar yoga school

In the historic centre of Camerino in the Marche Region I opened the Iyengar Yoga School, where I teach various classes for all levels of ability. The classes are held at various times of the day, which enables the students to come as often as they need. The students are supervised by me patiently and accurately, each is given individual attention according to their abilities. I guide them as they explore and discover the in-depth relationship between the physical practice and the inner aspects of yoga.

Information and bookings:

Karin Montali
Scuola Iyengar Yoga

Via Farnese 2 -
San Venanzo
62032 Camerino (MC)

339 580 33 50

[email protected]